Art Exhibitions on a Narrowboat?

idle women (on the water) is a touring arts centre, which navigates the canals and waterways.

Constantly cruising the project reaches women in countryside, towns and cities. Hosting a series of artists-in-residence, workshops & events it provides both visiting arts venue and arts resource centre for women.

Over the course of two years, in partnership with Super Slow Way, Creative Scene, 42nd Street, Heart of Glass and The Canal and River Trust, idle women will make its way around the North West of England.

idle women is an adventurous, collaborative, socially engaged vehicle, which supports and initiates the generation of new work with an expansive diverse network of women.

Honouring the working tradition of the canals by using a pair of existing historical working narrow boats – a ‘tug’ motor boat towing a ‘butty’ unmotorised boat which will house the cargo – in this instance an artist in residence and work space.

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new unpainted narrowboat

the new unpainted narrowboat


Narrowboat at Sandygate Mooring, Burnley

Idle Women’s butty – Selina Cooper

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