Wey & Arun Canal restoration moves to next lock

Volunteers restoring a canal that runs though Surrey and West Sussex are hoping to start work on another lock.

The Wey & Arun Canal Trust was given permission to restore Gennets Bridge Lock in Chichester in 2011, but had to finish work on another site before fundraising could begin.

It aims to have raised enough money to start work on the new lock this summer.

The estimated cost of restoring the lock is £365,000 but using volunteers could halve that, the trust said.

The canal’s website is updated very frequently and contains loads more information about the restoration as well as details of guided walks and other activities happening on or near ‘London’s Lost Route to the Sea’.  Well worth a look.

Click here to read more about the restoration of Gennets Bridge Lock and the rest of the canal on the BBC website.

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