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Why the Interest in Canal Boats / Narrow Boats?

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There are many reasons why canal boating is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, not least that many find it a peaceful, tranquil alternative to the hussle and bussle of our all-too often stressful, busy lifestyles.

narrowboat on canal in England

Narrowboat holidays have ever changing scenery

As more and more of us take to the water, more and more waterways are restored and re-opened, making it possible to discover and explore ever more of our beautiful country.

Canal Boat / Narrow Boat Cruises:

For a few pounds families can enjoy a short trip on a canal boat or narrow boat, however this seldom gives any clues as to the real experience of living aboard these beautiful craft for any length of time. See our useful links page for companies offering short trips.

Canal Boat / Narrow Boat holidays:

There has been a market for boating holidays for many years, although most might associate this mainly with the Norfolk Broads.

Whether hiring a canal boat for a short time, or living on board a boat hotel, this is an experience that everyone should enjoy at least once – although we guarantee you’ll come back again and again. Check out our Holidays page for advice on tips on how to get the most of your time afloat.

Those who are familiar with our waterways will know only too well that they provide access to many cities and towns as well as to the wide open spaces in between. Guidance on getting around can be found on the British Waterways site.

Living Space on a Canal Boat / Narrow Boat:

A narrow boat offers many advantages over other forms of property when it comes to looking for somewhere to live, including some which financially make good sense.  However you should be prepared for the fact that space is at a premium and living on a boat can not be compared to living in even a smallish flat.

Buying a Canal Boat / Narrow Boat:

There is a booming market in the buying and selling of canal boats, with many traders offering different standards of service at a range of prices.

Whether you are a first time buyer, trading up or want to own more than one boat, possibly to hire out as a holiday home, you’ll find our tips on buying worth a look whether buying a boat as an individual or as part of a group who will share ownership.

Canal Boat / Narrow Boat for sale?

As with cars, caravans and many other large purchases, once you’ve bought your narrow boat you’ll probably soon want to upgrade or update. Our tips on selling will help ensure you get the best out of the deal.

Sellers might also want to add their details to our free directory page.

Useful Links:

Our useful inks page contains links to many sites of interest to the canal boat trader, owner or for those who only spend a short time aboard. With links to canal boat / narrow boat traders, rental companies with boats for fire, tour companies who look after everything for you, maps, outfitters, items of historic interest and news articles from around the country there is bound to be loads of value to you.

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